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New resources aligned to revised 2016 standards will be ready. Currently in progress.

NC Math 3
Math 3 Overview:
  • NC Math 3 Standards
  • NC Math 3 Outcomes and Learning Targets: These are organized by modules which can be considered as units. Within each module are outcomes that describe the big ideas. Within the outcome are the learning targets that indicate what students can do if they have an understanding of the outcome. The learning targets are aligned to the standards for each course.
  • NC Math 3 Pacing Guide: This lists a day by day outline of the tasks for each module with a suggested pacing. The primary resource for the course is the Core-Plus Mathematics Course 2 textbook. Other suggested resources are indicated by an *.
  • Math 3 NCFE Review with solution set
New Resource for 2015-2016
The Curriculum Maps are designed to help teachers connect the standards, learning targets, and instructional resources. Each map begins with an overview of the module that attends to the instructional shifts: FOCUS - COHERENCE - RIGOR. Next, there are maps for each primary learning task listed on the pacing guide. Included on the maps are instructional notes giving teachers guidance as well as indicating specific connections to the learning targets and the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Other elements are vocabulary, suggested formative assessment, alternative resources, and supplemental resources.
Math 3 Supplemental Tasks:

  • Circles and Completing the Square
  • Quadrilaterals in Circles
  • Pied (Task 7.7 from the Mathematics Vision Project)
  • Proving Trig Identities
  • Sum of Rational & Irrational Numbers
  • Solving Rational Equations
  • Fish Population
  • What is e?
  • Applications of e^x and ln x
  • Graphing Logarithmic Functions
  • Transformations of Functions
  • Composition of Functions

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