Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Review Material for NC Testing

Happy New Year!!!

The end of the semester is upon us. Teachers and students are preparing for final exams. In North Carolina there is the End of Course exam for Math 1. This test is used to evaluate schools and teachers. It is one of the measures used by the state to determine the "grade" on the school report card. There are also NC Final Exams for Math 2, Math 3, Discrete, Advanced Functions and Modeling, and Pre-Calculus. These are used to measure teacher effectiveness.

Although I am tempted to rant about the fact that a high school is "graded" on a math test that only a portion of 9th graders take. (Advance students take Math 1 in the 8th grade.) I will withhold my opinion on the evaluation system and get to sharing resources.

My opinion is that it is best practice to spiral review. This means students are presented with problems throughout the semester that require them to continually access the concepts previously studied. Common practice is to take the last few days before exams and work through problems.

Both practices require a set of problems to present students. Today I am sharing review material.
UPDATE: Solution sets have been posted on each course page as well as on this post
As with all resources I post, it is possible there are mistakes. If you find any, I would appreciate it if you would let me know. Just leave a quick note here.