Thursday, May 17, 2018

Gearing Up for NC Exams

Recently, I have been collaborating with teachers on creating "practice" exams. We've developed a NC Math 1 Practice EOC and a NC Final Exam for Math 2.

I'm sharing here in case they can be beneficial for others.

I prefer to start with a blueprint design when creating assessments so I'm also sharing these with you. They should provide some additional information about the practice exams.
Math 2 Design

Finally, I tweeted these out last semester and thought I should include them here as well. I compiled resources for review in NC Math 2 and NC Math 3. I organized them in a Google Sheet so I can continually add to and update.
**NC Math 2 Review Resources:
**NC Math 3 Review Resources:

As always, I appreciate any feedback as it is how we learn and grow. Best of luck to you and your students!!

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