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NC Math 1 Standards
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Solving Linear Equations

A teacher and I collaborated to create a series of lessons for this module. I suggest starting with the Quadratic Functions Outline that provides a brief description of each lesson. Each lesson plan is linked within the document and has links to the resources and assessments.

Older Math 1 Resources

Math 1 EOC Review with solutions The items in this review are based on the Math 1 Standards from 2010-2016 so some of the content is no longer relevant to this course.
        *Mistake on Review #4 Problem 2: the area of the triangle is 13 square units not 26.
Math 1 EOC Review Resources
Curriculum Maps
These have not been revised to indicate the 2016 NC Math 1 standards. I'm not sure I will be creating new ones; however, many of the resources included in these documents can be helpful so I will leave them here as a resource. 


  1. I attended your session last October at the NCCTM Conference. I am very interested in using your ideas and resources to teach Math 1 this semester. I noticed that several of the supplemental tasks are not linked to a file. Do you have those files? And if so, are you willing to share them?


    Thanks so much!

    Jennifer Simmons

    1. I'm excited to share anything I can. I have posted new investigations for exponentials and I am still working on ideas for the others. Keep checking back and let me know if there is something that is needed but not already addressed.

  2. Hi Karen. It's Melissa from Caswell (yes, it's me again). There is no link above to the Quadratics taking apart the Area. I think I remember doing this activity at our session, but can't find a blank copy. Will you link it above or email it to me? Thanks!!!

  3. Could you send me the remaining files for the supplemental tasks? There are a few that aren't linked. I am back to Math I after a long time and looking for something to get me through this semester.


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