Thursday, May 19, 2016

NCFE Review Solutions

There have been multiple requests for answer keys for the NCFE review sets. Well, I have finally had some time to sit and work on them. I have posted the solution sets for Math 2 and Math 3 right now. My goal is to work on Math 1 in the next few days and also get it posted. Yeah!! Math 1 is also done!

There may be mistakes. Actually, I would be surprised if there weren't any mistakes. So, if you find one (or two or three or....), please let me know.

Mistake #1
Math 1: Review 4: Problem 2 -- the area of the triangle should be 13 unit squares not 26.

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  1. Math 3 Review # 12 question #1
    Small cone has radius of 2.5, large cone has diameter of 56 so proportion is either 5/56 = h/60 or 2.5/28 = h/60.