Math 2

Math 2 Outcomes / Learning Targets / Pacing
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NC Math Resources for Instruction (MRI) for Math 2 

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NC Math 2 Outcomes and Learning Targets 2015-2016
NC Math 2 Pacing GuideThis lists a day by day outline of the tasks for each module with a suggested pacing. The primary resource for the course is the Core-Plus Mathematics Course 2 textbook. Other suggested resources are indicated by an *.
Math 2 NCFE Review with solution set based on 2010 standards so use with caution
    (mistake on solution set #3 problem #4: (0,-4) should be (-4,0))

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  1. I would like an Answer Key for the Math 2 NCFE Review and the Math 3 NCFE review. Do they exist? If not, I guess I will work all the problems myself. If they do, please email to I am a tutor, mostly math. Thank you.