Math 2

NC Math 2
Math 2 Overview: 
  • NC Math 2 Standards
  • NC Math 2 Outcomes and Learning TargetsThese are organized by modules which can be considered as units. Within each module are outcomes that describe the big ideas. Within the outcome are the learning targets that indicate what students can do if they have an understanding of the outcome. The learning targets are aligned to the standards for each course.
  • NC Math 2 Pacing GuideThis lists a day by day outline of the tasks for each module with a suggested pacing. The primary resource for the course is the Core-Plus Mathematics Course 2 textbook. Other suggested resources are indicated by an *.
This resources is based on the NC Math 2 Standards 2010-2016. They will be updated as we implement the new standards.

Curriculum Maps 2016-2017
Module A: Congruence and Transformations
Module B: Quadratic Functions
Module C: Rational and Radical Functions (partial map, to be updated soon)

Math 2 Supplemental Tasks:

Congruence and Transformations

Quadratic Functions
Rational & Radical Equations

Similarity and Trigonometry

Inequalities and Systems


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  1. I would like an Answer Key for the Math 2 NCFE Review and the Math 3 NCFE review. Do they exist? If not, I guess I will work all the problems myself. If they do, please email to I am a tutor, mostly math. Thank you.