Wednesday, October 29, 2014

44th Annual NCCTM Conference

I am excited about this year's NCCTM State Math Conference. It is a great time to talk with others who are as interested (and yes, passionate) about teaching and learning mathematics. This year's theme is Big Ideas for Teaching and Learning Mathematics.

Each year I try to share one workshop that examines a specific content area and one session that looks at a teaching practice.

This year's content workshop is "Transforming the Way We Teach Transformations." I was inspired by an article with a similar title in the August 2010 Mathematics Teacher written by Eileen Fulkenberry and Thomas Fulkenberry. (You can find the article here.)

"What Does a Grade Say?" is my session addressing a teaching practice. I will discuss Outcomes Based Grading. This is a practice that I started in my classroom in 2011 and now, as I coach, I support and help teachers implement this practice in their classrooms. It's been an interesting endeavor to put into a presentation all of the complexities regarding something that seems simple.

For those at the conference, I hope you have an opportunity to join me. Resources from the presentations can be found on the Presentations page.

#1325  Transforming the Way We Teach Transformations  10:30 - 12:00  Colony A
#1538  What Does A Grade Say  12:30 - 2:00  Meadowbrook

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