Monday, August 24, 2015

New Resources for 2015-2016

I am so excited to start the new school year. I spent June working with a great group of teachers writing and preparing the Curriculum Maps. You can find these on the resource pages for Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3. These have been a goal of mine for a few years and finally we have them.

July was all about family. We took a road trip to Canada and spent a week by the lake. The Northern Pike are aggressive and a lot of fun to catch. I was super excited to catch a Lake Trout.

August has me back at work where I continue as a high school math coach. My school assignments have changed a little so I have new relationships to build. There have also been a lot of turnover so there are several new teachers to get to know.

I have posted new resources on the Math 1, 2, and 3 pages. Make sure you check them out. I used feedback from teachers and have revamped some of the investigations. You will also find some new resources inspired by NCSM and NCTM conferences I attended in Boston.

Stay tuned for the return of the series on the Principles to Actions, a post about Conversation with a Wrestling Coach, and the upcoming NCCTM conference.

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