Saturday, May 14, 2016

Math 1 EOC Review Materials

Your students have spent all semester or possibly all year studying the Math 1 standards. Now they must take the Math 1 EOC. In an effort to provide review material for teachers, my colleague and I put together some resources.

We designed the resources around the conceptual categories: Number & Quantity, Algebra, Functions, Geometry, and Statistics. We also did a Linear & Exponential folder. In each folder you will find Resource Description. In this document we have listed the resources along with the alignment to the standards, type of resource, recommendation about calculator use, and some instructional suggestions. Our intent was to provide some variety for review along with opportunities for class discussion and strategies for solving problems.

There are two other folders. One is General Resources which provides information about the specifics of the Math 1 EOC. The other is Comprehensive Resources. This folder has some calculator inactive tasks, midterms we have used in our district, the released EOC and the mini quiz review sheets.

I hope you find some of this beneficial and I wish your students the very best on the exam.

Here is the link to the entire Math 1 EOC Review Resources. I will also post on the Math 1 page.

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